For today’s episode, four of UniGlo’s executive team members join Michael Waitze in a conversation about the upcoming UniGlo Student Conference (Tickets are available here!) and about their own university application journeys! Senior members Nandini Mittal (NIST ‘18, Claremont McKenna College ‘22) and Am Chunnananda (NIST ‘18, Vassar College ‘22) reflect on how their lives transformed from being in what they now realize was the “bubble” of their high school–a sheltered, nurturing environment–into the new fast-paced bubble of university life.

UniGlo’s new members Suyash Kothari (BPS ‘19, Brown University ‘23) and Taisei Inoue (STA ‘19, UofT ‘23) also discuss how high school students are expected to have their futures charted out to present themselves to universities. To help navigate what can be a confusing application process, Suyash and Taisei explain how they found it useful to talk to older students and in particular how UniGlo’s 2018 student conference helped them actualize their application ideas, knowing that “it’s actually okay to not know who you are”.

Featuring a diverse range of US and UK university admits from a variety of international schools around Bangkok, the UniGlo Student Conference 2019 is a “for students, by students” event where you can gain unique student perspectives on the university application journey as well as practical takeaways from their experiences. With over 350 RSVPs for last year’s event, they expect this year’s revamped event to be even more successful — UniGlo invites you back to this year’s UniGlo Student Conference at the Rembrandt Hotel on the 10th of June, where they hope you too will be inspired to approach application season with newfound confidence.

Produced by UniGlo in collaboration with Next Step Connections.

UniGlo Student Conference 2019 Facebook Event

Tickets are available here!


globeChang(e) - Episode 20 - UniGlo Executive Team - Not Really Quite Figuring Out Who You Are Yet

by Nandini Mittal, Am Chunnananda, Suyash Kothari and Taisei Inoue | globeChang(e) Podcast