What do you do when a pandemic surges, and you’re studying in a country thousands of miles away from home? 

In this podcast, Am, Koko, and Athena talk about their respective experiences dealing with coming home to Thailand from their schools in England and the United States. Did they leave after school was officially canceled? Before? How did their respective universities go about announcing their plans for the rest of the school year?

There is a lot to unpack in these times of uncertainty. From online classes to quarantining, navigating time differences to reimbursements and refunds, we hope that this podcast can help illuminate some of the issues that international students have to consider while studying abroad. As Ken Lohatepanont wrote in his incredibly insightful article “The Zoomer Generation”, for many international students coming home, is often the biggest obstacle. 

While the world attempts to assuage the situation, we all try to do the best that we can in our own ways. Whether that is face-timing friends, discussing alternative learning methods with professors, or simply trying to get in exercise and sunlight, we hope that this podcast can help give perspective on the process of returning home in times of abruptness and confusion.

Produced by UniGlo.

globeChang(e) - Episode 22 - Am Chunnananda, Koko Lotharukpong, and Athena Intanate - We're Just being a Little Extra Cautious

by Am Chunnananda, Koko Lotharukpong, and Athena Intanate | globeChang(e) Podcast